Indulge your passion for the finer things in life.

Handpainted Handpainted Quimper Faience Pottery from Henriot Quimper, Italian Majolica Ceramics & Pottery Imported From Italy, Fine Italian Alabaster Eggs & Fruit, Lady Clare English Placemats & Coasters, Handcrafted Malicorne Pottery from France and Saladini Knives By Coltellinai Saladini Scarperia, Italy.

Indulge your passion for the finer things in life. Merchant of Prato presents imports from Italy, France, England, Germany and beyond. Exquisite handpainted Henriot Quimper Faience pottery from Brittany, France. Beautiful handmade Italian majolica ceramics and pottery from Deruta, Umbria and Castelli, Italy. Hand carved alabaster stone fruit and alabaster stone eggs from Volterra in the hills of Tuscany in Italy. Traditional Fine English Lady Clare Placemats, Coasters & Waste Paper Bins. Top of the line fine Italian kitchen cutlery and collectible knives from Coltellinai Saladini in Scarperia, Italy. Exquisite hand-crafted pottery by Faïencerie d’Art de Malicorne.

Our Italian ceramics and pottery collection is imported from Deruta, Umbria and Castelli, Italy. The Italian ceramics we import are Majolica. Many of the designs we feature date back hundreds of years and many patterns are derived from Renaissance art. Each piece of Italian pottery is handmade and painstakingly hand-painted, thus each piece of our Italian pottery is unique.

We have direct connections with artists in Volterra, Italy who create amazing, realistic Alabaster Stone Fruit and Alabaster Eggs. Each piece of fruit is hand decorated making each piece a unique work of art.

Our Quimper Faience collection is imported directly from the Henriot Quimper in Quimper, France. Founded in 1685, Henriot Quimper is know the world over for its know-how of the “Quimper Paint Touch” and the tradition of producing and hand-painting every piece of faience in-house. Henriot Quimper continues the tradition producing the traditional patterns featuring the Breton figures as well as many new more modern designs. The superbly talented resident artists at Henriot still hand-craft every piece of Quimper Pottery. Each piece of Quimper faience is completely handmade and painstakingly hand-painted. Each piece of Quimper is unique. One artist hand paints each piece from start to finish then signs the piece and marks it “Henriot” to ensure its authenticity.

The Lady Clare Collection of fine English lacquered table placemats, coasters, fine tea trays and waste paper bins. Lady Clare has been supplying hand crafted English placemats and home accessories since 1932. Our range now includes placemats for formal and casual dining as well as accessories such as waste bins and trays. With over 80 years’ experience, Lady Clare is synonymous with design, quality and service. Made in Great Britain.

Since the Middle Ages, the Tuscan town of Scarperia has been a famed center of knives and cutlery production. Coltelleria Saladini is one of the only businesses in Scarperia, Italy still producing knives. Based on historical patterns and materials, the Saladini collection of kitchen cutlery and fine collectible knives is immediately distinguished by a stylistic renewal of form with a particular attention to detail.

Malicorne Pottery, (Faïencerie d'Art de Malicorne) A few hours away from Quimper, France lies the village of Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, home to Faïencerie d'Art de Malicorne, and famed Malicorne Pottery. Pottery has been made in the region by master artisans since 1747. Malicorne pottery is characterized by its openwork ceramic molds and decorative decor which carries on the traditions of antique decorations of Rouen and Nevers.

Since 1924, The Faïencerie d’Art de Malicorne has been continuing the tradition of local Malicorne craftsmen and producing fine decorative pottery in the Malicorne style. Each piece of Malicorne pottery is created by hand from preparing the clay, making the molds including the openwork which are carried out by hand using traditional tools to the hand painted designs which pay tribute to the decorative works of the Rouen and Nevers schools. Each piece of Malicorne pottery created by The Faïencerie d’Art de Malicorne is signed by the pottery guaranteeing the piece’s authenticity.